First aid for dehydration

One effervescent tablet (for 100 ml solution) contains:
Glucose 1826 mg
Sodium chloride 176 mg
Potassium chloride 150 mg
Citric acid 429 mg


Restores salt- water balance.

Alvogen ORS approaches dehydration on a whole new level. Fresh effervescent tablets with a fantastic taste, containing all the salts and sugars recommended by WHO for regaining salt-water balance. Great refreshing taste and super easy to use.

Why not plain water?

Although very healthy under normal circumstances, plain water is not enough when dehydration hits. The body needs salts and sugar to keep the water in the body, otherwise it will flow straight through, without being of much use to the overly dry body. Alvogen ORS gives you just the right mix that makes sure your body gets back its fluids.

Instructions for use

It´s so easy to use, simply dissolve 2 tablets in a glass of water. For optimal effect it is best to sip Alvogen ORS slowly. You can even freeze the prepared solution to make popsicles for a refreshing variation.

Rembember: 1kg fluid lost = 1.25 kg needed to replace it.